We help farmers become the forerunners of the sustainability transition

Thanks to Binkiapp, farmers will be able to understand their environmental impact, improve it, and to prevent the damage of climate change on their products. We guarantee compliance to new EU sustainability guidelines and an ever increasing quality of the food they produce. Do you want to be part of the change?

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We evaluate the environmental impact of farmers…

A full environmental impact assessment requires a lot of work and is very complex.  Farmers already have enough work on their hands, and cannot afford to spend thousands to hire someone to do it for them. Instead, we propose to conduct it for them cost-effectively and to deliver the results in an easy to understand, marketable format.

…We help them improve it…

Farmers love what they produce and they always want to improve their methods of production and certify the increasing quality of their products. Unfortunately, improving and getting certified requires a lot of work, a lot of time, and what seems to be overwhelming amounts of money. We want to put an end to these difficulties by creating a step-by-step improvement journey that will bring farmers close to certifications without extra stress.

…And we help them protect their products from the impact of others

Farming, when done wrong, creates a lot of environmental impact. In fact, the damage done by big corporations is one of the leading causes of climate change. This has a lot of direct consequences on small farmers: they are more vulnerable than ever to extreme weather, and they do not have the resources to minimize the impact it has on their production. We want to change that by providing farmers with early predictions of extreme weather events and measures they can adopt to keep their yield as high as possible.