We grew up very close to the countryside and agriculture. We have also seen how climate change affects agriculture more and more, and the problem only seems to get worse without a solution. We are here to bring science and hope: we know that it is no longer just enough to mitigate, we must adapt to the changes that are already here. Data and predictions about the behavior of the soil are essential to be prepared and maintain food security, that is what we have committed to at Binkiapp, to use science to generate resilience.


The effects of climate change are already here, and although we must continue working to stop them, we must adapt to those that are already irreversible. We are in times when food security and the resilience of the food distribution chain are in crisis like never before. We want to be a driver of this change, bringing science closer to the people who make decisions and those who create new products for agriculture.


Camila - CEO

Hello, I am Camila, the CEO and co-founder of Binkiapp! I am a geographer, and a future geoinformatics civil engineer. Yes, it means that I can draw maps. But more importantly, I can study the environment at a large scale by using Geographic Information Systems (like satellite images and drones!), and I know exactly what is needed to solve complex environmental problems.

Gaelle - CTO

Hi, I'm Gaelle! I am the CTO and co-founder of Binkiapp. I am an environmental engineer and a future biotech researcher, which means I understand the tech. I can develop efficient solutions to environmental problems and make them come to life with efficient systems. I'm also an expert in microbes, which does not seem too important but is an absolute must to understand what is happening around us!